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Produsent DICOTA
Artikkel nr. D31700
  • 267,50 kr
  • fra 7,54 kr/mnd
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    • PVC coated multi-strand steel cable, 2 m in length
    • Maximum theft-protection thanks to 4.4 mm cable diameter
    • Suitable for all devices thanks to the 3 exchangeable heads (T-Lock, W-Lock and N-Lock)
    • Flexible workplace design thanks to the 360° rotatable cylinder
    • Easy installation with push-to-lock function
    • Two keys are included as part of the delivery
    • Functional Velcro strap for compact storage and transportation
    A notebook can be stolen in an instant. Expensive hardware and important data are lost. This can involve a lot of work and great expense. Police, insurance, data recovery etc. Targeted prevention is the answer - with a quality lock from DICOTA. Easy, convenient and effective. Ideal for use in open-plan offices, public areas, or while travelling.

    Currently device manufacturers use three different lock slot formats. Thanks to the Security Lock with Exchangeable T/N/W Head your lock will suit all kinds of devices equipped with an anti-theft port. Notebooks as well as projectors, monitors and printers can be effectively secured with the DICOTA locking system. The T-Lock head is for 3 x 7 mm slots, the W for 3.2 x 4.5 mm slots, and the N for 2.5 x 6 mm slots. Long-lasting. Thanks to the easy-exchange heads, you will be able to change your devices in the future and still use the security lock. Enjoy high flexibility in workplace design thanks to the 360° rotatable cylinder. Thanks to the push-to-lock function, the lock can be secured without a key using one hand. It's quick, simple and reliable. The sheathed multi-strand steel cable is 2 m long and extra strong with a diameter of 4.4 mm. The functional Velcro strap allows the cable to be rolled up for compact storage and transportation. Two keys are included as standard.

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